This was practically me

This was practically me

Not so much now that my job is to actually sell videogames as that has practically killed my passion. The same way uni almost killed my love for art but that’s a story for another day.

The console that possibly had the biggest impact on my life was the DS Lite. I had always been a Nintendo fan from growing up with the consoles since the N64 and my excitement for this was no different. The thing is I was forever a solo gamer and that explains why I have a preference for RPGs. I was the only person interested in videogames within my household and that still hasn’t changed. To others it was meaningless and even a waste of time. My family still blame my poor eyesight for how often I played games even though by comparison to others I didn’t play nearly as much. So when I started to bring my DS Lite to college it opened a new perspective on videogames for me as for the first time I started to play games with other people. Yes, not the CPU, REAL people. I enjoyed videogames, but I didn’t realise just how it brought people together. I think I still underestimate the influence it has on my life since now I’ve met many of my current friends from that passion alone. Hell, I wouldn’t have even got my job if I didn’t love the damn thing.

I know that there are still adults and even some girls that just do not understand what the point of it is. For me, it’s another form of storytelling, I would even consider it another art form. It’s also a form of escapism as it takes you away from mundane life. The biggest impact for me is that it allowed me to meet new people I wouldn’t usually socialise with and form new friendships.¬†Videogames are a big deal for me.



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